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  • Maternity Image samples

    These are three different sessions that focus on the Mother and her maternity photos. Each session disctinctly differs in location and environment. I believe the beauty of these photos are represented in their minimalistic setting and focus on the atmostsphere of love, care, stuggle, and determination that comes with being a mother. Whether that be your first newborn or an addition to your already growing family, your maternity images are an opportunity to examplify how impactful the little one(s) can . . .

  • Should you make your website yourself?

    There are plenty of options when I began to make my website. I was stubborn enough to make my own and that was both great and terrible. The biggest benefit was the opportunity to learn how to communicate with a web designer and also know when they are making things harder than they should be. The downside was that the possibilities stopped at my inexperience. So I looked again at my options and the biggest around were Squarespace, Wix, and . . .

  • The first photos in non-weddings

    To make sure that I give everything to equal opportunity to be worked on, I have both a wedding and non-wedding collection of photos. And I actively add to both. Maybe not at equal rates, since the wedding catalog is three times the size as mine on the wedding catalog, but there is still an undeniably large amount of photos that I possess that have nothing to do with work. Here are some stories of those first edits. To really . . .

  • Intro to the Blog

    I say that if we are going to start a blog, I think you guys should really know who is talking. My name is Trung Phan, I am the editor-in-chief, owner, and founder, and the guy behind the camera at Trung Phan Photography. We can go ahead and start on why I chose my name to be part of my business. When I began photographing over a decade ago at this point, I really wanted to build something that I . . .