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Trung Phan

My name is Trung Phan, and I'm the photographer for those who think they're awkward in front of a camera. Wedding photography is my full time work, commitment, and passion. Weddings are where my heart is and where my eye has been trained. I hiked the Appalachian trail, I collect camera gear and knowledge, and I recently realized that breaking down my daily diet, it is 80% coffee. Incredible, delicious, coffee. I moved to Portland Oregon right after I chose my course in life as a wedding photographer; living as an artist and building a business that I get to call my own. When it comes to your wedding I am excited to say that I am there for you and your fiance. We will get to talk, see what is most important to you, and make sure that I can give you the best photos I will have created. Check out some of my favorite photos, reach out, and lets begin.

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