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  • Roadtrip Preset

    I have been hard at work creating new presets for you guys to enjoy, but I had to pull from my past road trips in order to really show you a different perspective, and ultimately how I am as a photographer today. This preset is Created from a photo that I took my road trip from Tennessee stopping in Denver Colorado, going to Utah, and then finally ending up in Portland Oregon. A lot more happened in that time, but . . .

  • Trung Phan Photography Introducing Presets

    Hello, my name is Oliver Hiller. I am going to be guest posting here occasionally as Trung and I work together on creating and putting out presets. The presets we will be creating will be predetermined settings for your photos to create a unique look. Being predeteremined, you will no longer have to worry about the hassle of adjusting any individual settings yourself. Presets are somewhat like filters and just as easy to use. Instead of using up a lot . . .

  • Should you make your website yourself?

    There are plenty of options when I began to make my website. I was stubborn enough to make my own and that was both great and terrible. The biggest benefit was the opportunity to learn how to communicate with a web designer and also know when they are making things harder than they should be. The downside was that the possibilities stopped at my inexperience. So I looked again at my options and the biggest around were Squarespace, Wix, and . . .


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