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The Sisters, Wedding at home

The sisters are all here for the wedding

Very excited to be able to share with you guys the full set from this year's wedding. I have had the greatest joy working with the Mack family over the years. But there has been this voice in my ear that has always told me "you need to step it up again". a re-occurring family means that with every session there is pressure to do more than the last time. To make something greater. But the biggest thing I do best to remember is that these are wonderful people. Each person has a story that is constantly unfolding and my privilege as a photographer is to be there when everyone is ready to be remembered. Over time families have grown, life choices have been made and experienced, and I don't think there is a better set of images that explain why I enjoy doing what I do so much that I can't imagine what else I could have been but a Photographer.

The wedding was right at the brides parents home. So there was a lot of freedom to move around and lots of memories made here. This was all about being next to families and memories. The design and details were some of the most fantastic I had ever seen at a home wedding I needed to be prepared to capture large family and group photos, but at the same capture the magic of the colored glass, the will and beutiful florals, and there was the field right behind the house; the setting for the photos of the sisters. I was happy to be there with my new 35mm F 1.4 G master sony lens and really dont think I could have done it without it. 

I was very honored to have been able to share the day of shooting with the Macks. This little collection taken from their full gallery was a great chance to take advantage of the amazing field behind the house, and to honor the sisters trust in my photogrpahy. 

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