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48 hours wedding and engagement shoot

Lets just go for it

Sometimes wedding projects can take two to three years from start to completion. When a couple contacts me, we start planning the engagement shoot, and then move on to the actual shoot dates, editing, delivery, and follow-up. It's a very long process, and some days can be quite intense. This was one of those projects that went against the normal pattern, an engagement shoot and wedding day that wrapped up within 48 hours. The couple themselves were pretty well set together with their home, their dog, and their careers. They lived in a very nice part of Portland with equally beautiful views. I'm very lucky to live in downtown Portland, which is like an island in the middle of the city. And like they say, you can't see the Eiffel Tower when you're on top of it, so this little island of Portland has the best view of the great City.

Eden Tetsuya's wedding will be featured in the Gallery page. Here's a short snippet of their engagement photos. I hope you enjoy this little look into the tiny oasis that is South Portland, North Lake Oswego.

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