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Pacific Northwest wrap up wedding

My last opportunity in the Pacific Northwest for a little while

A few months before I had made the commitment to move out of the Pacific Northwest for the next little while as I begin to start to pursue graduate school. This wedding was booked earlier in the year thanks to a very dear friend within the wedding industry. I'm very excited to share some of these photos with you guys, I would argue that this is a combination of the lessons I have learned in the area on how to shoot couples in the Pacific Northwest. I got to explore intimate moments, work with plenty of fun people, and use all of their natural environments near me. This meant hiding in The Vineyards, playing in the blueberry bushes, and going into the water itself. A little campfire to end the day, and a lot of drinks the run the party. This was a fantastic day with fantastic people.

I had a chance to get to know the couple a little bit before the wedding, and was excited to see how well everything came together on the big day. They been through so much life, enjoy their dogs and have them at the wedding, got to love their friends and the many days on this beach, and ended up back where it all started to get married right next to where it all began. I was so incredibly happy to not only take care of such an important day, but do it in such an incredibly important space.

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I've been working on my transition from Pacific Northwest back to Tennessee for a little while now. It's an ongoing process oh, I'm giving myself a little bit of Grace because it was a move of 7 years worth of development into a place of old experiences. Thank you for being patient with me as I get everything where it needs to be.

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