Trung Phan Photography

Interviewing Polka Dots and Picnics

March 13th, 2022

Trung Phan Photography sat down with Lauren Tietsort, owner of Polka Dots and Picnics, to learn more about the business! You can hear the full interview on podcast streaming services, but we summarized some bonus content for you! Since we’re interviewing local businesses in the Portland community, we’re interested to learn more about what it means to be invested in one’s community. 

A Background of Polka Dots and Picnics

Lauren Tietsort co-founded and launched Polka Dots and Picnics with Michelle Holman in June 2021. From their website they describe their craft:

“It is our intent to slow that spin, even if just for a few hours, allowing our clients to savor personal connection, surround themselves in beauty, and enjoy the exhale. Polka Dots creates these moments through beautifully curated luxury picnics, charming teepee sleepovers, and unforgettable backyard movie nights – offering guests effortless splendor with family and friends full of magical memories.”

They want to create a unique experience to make your event extra special!

Engaging the Community

Tietsort’s values are steeped in equality, social responsibility, and humanity. She believes her business helps “nurture humanity.” What better way to nurture humanity than sitting together in nature and breaking bread? Tietsort states that we need more kindness in the world, and that inspired her to start her picnic business after the first year of the pandemic and a contentious election year. 

Tietsort is especially driven by her history of working with nonprofits to prevent suicide among veterans. She has witnessed the effect inequality in society has on mental health, and this impacts how she creates joyful, meaningful experiences for her customers through a picnic customized to her customer’s desires. 

While outside forces often prevent people from being intimate and vulnerable, picnics offer the opportunity for people to sit down and connect with one another to share food and drink. 

We appreciate Lauren Tietsort giving us her time to tell us about what she wants to offer her community through her business. If you’re interested in a luxury picnic or a teepee event we cannot recommend Polka Dots and Picnics enough!